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Why Wear Prescription Safety Glasses?

Prescription safety glasses are a very important item because they provide a high level of eye protection against various hazards such as debris and dust as well as heat and chemicals. It is sad to note that most people who work in dangerous environments undervalue the importance of these eyewear items. After all, to find a prescription pair of safety glasses one has to visit an eye doctor and nobody seems to care about taking out time to visit an eye doctor. This is why thousands of American workers suffer eye injuries at the workplace and these injuries require medical attention. The result is loss of work and earnings. To prevent that from happening, it makes sense to understand the reasons why it pays to wear this kind of protective eyewear.

What is the real importance of prescription safety glasses?

Did you know that according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), more than one hundred eye injuries at the workplace led to the loss of work and a third of these resulted in the worker having to visit a hospital emergency room? To prevent such instances of eye injuries, it makes sense for you to understand the importance of prescription safety glasses. Once you learn how these eyewear items can protect your eyes and vision, you will be more motivated to wear the right protective eyewear in dangerous conditions – both at work and at home.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that regular eyeglasses can be a substitute for prescription safety glasses because the former is not made from the same special materials that the latter is made from. Safety glasses with a prescription are made from the same materials as are made to make jet windshields and hence are very strong robust and durable. They also meet safety standards and hence are the right option. They can withstand strikes by high-impact projectiles and there is just no possibility that they will break on impact. Regular glasses on the other hand are made from acetate which is simply not strong enough to withstand strikes and will break easily and cause unnecessary eye injuries.

What are the main reasons why you should wear prescription safety glasses?

The number one reason why you should wear prescription safety glasses when working in industrial environments is that these eyewear items are designed to keep your eyes safe. They are specially designed to safeguard your vision and can prevent microscopic particles from flying into your eyes. They will also prevent chemicals from splashing and hitting your eyes and they can also prevent gases from entering your eyes. Overall, they are a real boon and a must for everyone who works in industrial environments.

Secondly, they are also perfect for protecting your eyes when playing a sport and they can also keep dangerous radiation away from your eyes. The best part is that if you choose them well, they will offer a comfortable fit and make your work that much easier to perform. The best part is that you can wear them at home when performing chores and DIY projects and they will protect your eyes against household injuries.

Can you reduce eye injuries by wearing prescription safety glasses?

Before you work in dangerous environments – both at home and at work – you need to, first of all, decide how important your eyes are. Do you think that you can overcome eye injuries at the workplace or home? If you do, then you would be taking a big risk because each year thousands of Americans suffer eye injuries at the workplace that were preventable. Right eye protection can go a long way in preventing eye injuries. Thus, wearing prescription safety glasses is your best means of protecting your eyes and preventing eye injuries. You need to wear these glasses in job settings where there are potential hazards that pose a risk to your eyes. The right eyewear will protect your eyes from flying debris and any other airborne hazard that could pierce regular glasses and hurt your eyes. The right eye protection will create a barrier between your eyes and any hazards.

Prescription safety glasses are different from regular glasses. Regular glasses are also known as Plano lenses and only correct your vision without providing a barrier between your eyes and airborne hazards. Prescription safety glasses on the other hand have lenses and frames that are strong and designed to create a formidable and, in some cases, impenetrable barrier between your eyes and hazards. They will keep your eyes safe from harm to the greatest extent possible.

Safety glasses with a prescription are made from materials that meet the requirements for protecting your eyes. Mostly, the lenses are made from polycarbonate material which is light and has excellent fog resistance. This material is exceptionally strong and won't break on impact. You can also go with lenses that are made from plutonite which is a purified carbonate that offers excellent visual acuity. It also protects your eyes against UV rays.

The frames are also very durable and sturdy and are specially designed to protect your eyes without breaking on impact. The frames are normally made from nylon which is light and flexible and also very strong.

You should wear prescription safety glasses if you are working at a construction site, performing carpentry work, doing welding or plumbing work or if you do electrical work. You should also wear this kind of eyewear if you are working in a mine or a manufacturing job.

It makes sense for you to take every precaution to protect your eyes. Prescription safety glasses will protect your eyes and also ensure that you can see clearly. You do not want to take chances so it makes sense for you to shop for your safety glasses with a prescription at https://www.canadaglasses.com/. Canadaglasses.com is a great place to shop for affordable but high-quality eyewear including prescription safety glasses. So, be sure to check it out.

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