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Transition Safety Glasses

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Should You Wear Transition Safety Glasses?

Many people wonder whether wearing transition safety glasses is worth the investment. The truth is that these safety glasses are very popular and for good reasons. They are a cost-effective option that allows you to save money you can spend wisely on other things. Since they do the job of two pairs, you will find it more convenient as you only have to handle one pair instead of two. You may also wonder whether there is a lot of hype surrounding these safety glasses. Here is a brief look at what you must know about safety glasses with transition lenses.

What are transition safety glasses and why do you need them?

Transition safety glasses are designed so that their lenses are coated in a way that ensures that the lenses darken in bright conditions and become light in dull conditions. This means that when you wear such prescription safety glasses, you won't need to change to a pair of sunglasses when you step out into the sunlight.

  1. Safety glasses with transition lenses feature lenses with a photochromic layer that will change colour when exposed to varying light conditions. This allows you to easily go from light to dark conditions without needing to change your eyewear.
  2. Safety glasses with transition lenses are very cost-effective and they allow you to save money. You no longer need to purchase a second pair with one being used indoors and the other for outdoors. If you traditionally wear safety glasses and your work makes you go from indoors to outdoors frequently, wearing a pair with transition lenses will be the best option.
  3. These glasses are also very convenient as you do not need to carry an additional pair in your pocket when you need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against bright sunlight. You can easily transition from indoors to outdoors with your safety glasses with transition lenses.
  4. Also, because you are using just one pair, the chances of your misplacing or damaging your second pair are not anything to worry about. Since you only have one pair to deal with you can take good care of it and not have to worry about damaging your second pair because of mishandling it.

Should you wear transition safety glasses for eye protection?

You should wear transition safety glasses for eye protection because they are designed to provide outstanding UV-blocking abilities. Not all safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes against dangerous UV rays but a pair with transition lenses are designed to do just that. So, when your eyes are exposed to UV light, these glasses will protect your eyes to the fullest.

  1. Safety glasses with transition lenses have lenses that are coated with UVA + as well as UVB+ protective layers. This means that you no longer need to worry about UV ray damage to your eyes.
  2. The nice part is that these safety glasses can help protect your eyes when you are indoors as well as outdoors. So, you can perform your home projects and you can also wear them when playing a sport or when performing yard work.
  3. When the sun is beating down mercilessly, you need to protect your eyes. The right pair of safety glasses with transition lenses will keep your eyes safe no matter whether you are indoors or outdoors.

What makes transition safety glasses so useful and special?

Transition safety glasses are useful for many different reasons. The most important reason to choose them is that they are the best option for those who often move from indoors to outdoor settings. They are also perfect for those who perform construction duties and they are also well-suited for motorbike riding. They are also great for those who travel frequently between the indoors and outdoors.

  1. Safety glasses with transition lenses are used to provide more safety in different fields of work including carpentry as well as electrical work and even plumbing and inspection work.
  2. They also protect your eyes from impacts and projectiles. They can also help to alleviate eye strain which occurs when your eyes are exposed to glare and bright conditions.
  3. When shopping for these glasses, make sure that you pick one that has ANSI Z87 certification as they will have impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses as well as offer total UVA and UVB protection.

The bottom line is that transition safety glasses are good for many different kinds of people and they should be used daily when you need to protect your eyes against varying light conditions. If you need to wear them when working outside as well as when working inside, then these are the perfect types of safety glasses for you. Since they do the work of two pairs of glasses, they are the most convenient and cost-effective option.

The good news is that in recent times, the technology that goes into the making of transition safety glasses has improved vastly. No longer are you forced to use a pair with glass lenses that could easily break and no longer do you need to rely on a pair with a single lens colour: grey. Today, you can buy a pair in any lens colour and these are made from many different materials. They also contain dyes that undergo chemical changes that darken when exposed to bright light. They are also available in many different styles and colors and they can also meet your prescription needs if required.

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