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How to Buy Choosing Anti Fog Safety Glasses?

If you wear safety glasses then you may have experienced fogging many times. Fogging is a very common occurrence that can cause a lot of inconveniences. When it comes to ensuring eye safety, you can ill afford to deal with fog. Your safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes against debris and chemicals as well as harmful vapours and more. They even protect your eyes from the dangerous UV rays of the sun.

A Variety of Tints for Prescription Safety Glasses

Lenses for this kind of eyewear come in many different tints and many of these tints are based on individual preferences. You can also choose a tint that is designed for certain applications or to deal with different light hazards. However, not many people are aware of the dangers posed by fogging which is the biggest challenge faced by safety glasses users.

Fogging and Scratching

The simple truth is that your lenses may not be coated to prevent fogging and scratching. Also, each type of lens provides unique features that protect your eyes and ensure your safety. They also, if chosen properly, will improve your productivity as well as ensure that the lenses last longer. These are major advantages that do much to improve your company&'s bottom line.

What Causes Fogging?

Before you choose anti-fog safety glasses, you need to understand why lenses fog up. Several factors contribute to fogging including temperature as well as humidity. Also, if you are working in hot or humid environments, then you will experience fogging. Even if you are working outside in hot weather, there is a chance that your safety glasses will fog up because of the sticky weather. Or, if you are working near a boiler, there is a strong likelihood that your lenses will fog up.

Choose Anti Fog Safety Glasses Carefully

All these are factors that should make you choose your anti-fog safety glasses very carefully. Lenses tend to fog up because you are exerting yourself vigorously. As your temperature rises, the heat and sweat that your body produces on your head and face will fog up the lenses, mostly on the inside.

Another reason for fogging is when you move from a hot environment to a cool environment. So, if you exit a refrigerated space and you come into a hot room, your safety glasses will immediately fog up.

Washing Up Can Also Cause Fogging

Finally, fogging also occurs when you wash up. When you clean your lenses with soap and water, they will come into contact with moisture and that is the element most responsible for fogging. With time, the anti-fog properties of your glasses will erode and so the lenses won&'t be able to manage watery conditions.

Dangers of Foggy Lenses

Foggy lenses are responsible for putting your safety at risk. They are also responsible for the loss of productivity. It just takes a split second for you to meet with an accident, especially if your vision is compromised. You should therefore make it a point to combat foggy lenses with the help of well-chosen anti-fog safety glasses. You can defend against foggy lenses by picking a pair whose lenses are coated with an anti-fogging coating. This coating is designed to deal with moisture, which is the main element responsible for fogging.

This anti-fog coating is capable of doing a variety of tasks and can safely be applied to your safety glasses. This coating works well in a variety of industries as well as applications. The coating also improves your visibility and will keep you safe in virtually all kinds of different lighting conditions. It is therefore very important that you choose anti-fog prescription safety glasses very carefully. The right pair is designed to create a tight seal to your face and will not allow much air to circulate. This helps to remove moisture and heat away from your eyes. The heat from your body is also responsible for lens fogging. When you are also exerting yourself and this makes you perspire, it will cause blurry vision unless the pair of safety glasses are coated with a high-performance anti-fogging coating.

The bottom line is fogging is the biggest challenge faced by people who wear safety glasses. This is why optical stores of safety glasses are constantly seeking new and better technologies to help deliver the very best anti-fog safety glasses.